Tanzil: Jurnal Studi Al-Quran: Announcements http://journal.sadra.ac.id/ojs/index.php/tanzil <p><strong>Tanzil: Jurnal Studi Al-Quran </strong>is a refereed academic journal published by <strong>Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Sadra</strong> in Jakarta. The journal conscientiously aims to provide a scholarly platform for critical and informed articles, particularly in Qur’anic studies. The article arises such issues in the form of literature study, individual research, and critical book review, arise out of classical and contemporary discussions from varied traditions, either Eastern, Western in the hope to contribute the resolution of various It theoretical, methodological, and practical issues in the aforementioned fields.</p> <p>The journal invites scholars and experts working in all disciplines in the Islamic Studies. Articles should be original, research-based, unpublished and not under review for possible publication in other journals. All submitted papers are subject to review by the editors.</p> <p><strong>Tanzil: Jurnal Studi Al-Quran</strong> published two times a year in <strong>April</strong> and <strong>October</strong>.</p> <p><strong>E-ISSN:</strong> <a title="EISSN" href="https://portal.issn.org/resource/ISSN/2503-0612" target="_blank" rel="noopener">2503-0612 </a> <strong>ISSN: </strong><a title="ISSN" href="https://portal.issn.org/resource/ISSN/2460-917X" target="_blank" rel="noopener">2460-917X</a></p> en-US Call for Paper Tanzil: Jurnal Studi Al-Quran 2023 http://journal.sadra.ac.id/ojs/index.php/tanzil/announcement/view/7 Tanzil: Jurnal Studi Al-Quran 2022-12-19 Call for Paper http://journal.sadra.ac.id/ojs/index.php/tanzil/announcement/view/4 Tanzil: Jurnal Studi Al-Quran 2022-01-05 Call for Paper Tanzil: Jurnal Studi Al-Qur'an, Vol. 4. No. 1, Oktober, 2021 http://journal.sadra.ac.id/ojs/index.php/tanzil/announcement/view/2 Tanzil: Jurnal Studi Al-Quran 2021-06-15