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The housing bubble in the States has burst and the economy is in crisis. In a 'depressing' phase such as this most of the struggling property owners are looking for a convenient option of getting a mortgage green trust cash direct lender loans only modification. Many  modification companies are lined up to assist these homeowners in need and are doing so efficiently too. But very recently there have been reports of some companies being nothing more than con artists.

This is the reason why the Countrywide bank is reaching out to the debtors and offering them the loan modification schemes directly, to save them from the risk of getting tricked by middlemen.

High Fee and no Results

Most of the loan modification companies ask the homeowner for an upfront fee as high as $8000 to get in contact with the bank or the lender. This fee is received on no guarantee basis and is not returned to the disappointed debtor in case of no response. Also many of these companies claim an almost 100 percent success rate in the negotiations but when actually calculated they do not get past the modest figure of 50 percent in a month. This handful of the companies is what has led to the great breach of trust from the otherwise proficient industry of loan modification services.

Countrywide's direct loan modification help

It is primarily because of this reason that Countrywide Bank has decided to come out of its functioning area and directly get in contact with the debtors seeking a helping hand in their green trust cash direct installment lending modifications. Now the homeowners are being called directly by the bank representatives offered full details on how to get their green trust cash adverse credit loans direct lenders modification agreement. The cash that the homeowners invest in the loan mod companies are probably the last of the savings that they can spare. Getting active in the modification process, Countrywide has helped reduce the risk for the debtors of losing their valuable reserves.    

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