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Meditation In A Bottle Review

by Jency William (07-05-2019)

The good news is, the last time I talked Meditation In A Bottle to her, she told me she had joined a meditation class and started to reap some of the benefits. She was calmer and happier, and her blood pressure had improved. So if you're in a situation similar to hers, you may want to give meditation a try and watch it work magic in your life. Perhaps as ancient as the Bible itself, the history of meditation has been recorded going back thousands of years. While no accurate data exists on its origination, many speculate on its roots. The Buddha has been long recognized as an icon in the history of meditation; dating back to 500 B.C. After living a luxurious life in his early years with his father, Siddhartha became familiar with the realities of life outside of his upbringing. He determined that life was mired with sorrow and suffering, and declared abstinence from worldly pleasures to pursue more spiritual goals. Upon discovering that the opposite end of the scale he chose was not the answer to end life's suffering, he instead traversed to the middle ground between luxury and asceticism. Siddhartha was 30 years old when he found "enlightenment", or Nirvana; a heightened level of awareness attained through meditation. He spent the remainder of his lifetime teaching his methods to many people, gaining a following of thousands of individuals.

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