Intensive Course “Ibn al-Arabi’s al-Futuhat al-Makkiyah”

Read what is throughout my body etched in light
April 2016
Aula al-Musthafa  
1st Floor, STFI Sadra,
Jalan Lebak Bulus 2 No.2 Cilandak Fatmawati Jakarta Selatan
During the month of April, STFI Sadra supported by AMINEF offers an intensive course.  This course is a selection for graduate credits, which are open to BA, M.A. and Ph.D. students and open to outside visitors.
Course Offered:
Dr. Eric Winkel
(a Senior Fulbright Scholar)
April 11-16 (9 am- 12 am) morning session  ( 1 pm - 3pm) afternoon session
**This course will help you access the great Arif , Ibn Arabi’s magnum opus al-Futuhat al-Makkiyah directly
 Specific Learning objectives:
By the end of this course, we hope students could:
a   have read extensive passages of al- Futuhat al-Makkiyah
b   have personal and authentic understanding of the ideas and visions of Ibn Arabi
Classroom Setting and Procedures: 
In order to be effective in this condensed time, students must come to class prepared. Although there will be some lectures, the pedagogically soundest way to achieve course objectives is through student learning teams. Therefore, students must come to class fully prepared to engage the material. Typically, students will experience this cycle within each hour:  short lecture, work in small learning teams with the instructor circulating, presentation of findings to class, reflections (journaling) on learning.
Course Requirements
 1.   Because of the short period of time, 100% attendance is required. In order for learning teams to work, each student must participate fully.
 2. Course readings: 
The first extensive translation of the al- Futuhat al-Makkiyah, the 12 books translated by Eric Winkel, are available in epub and paperback format for students.

 The course is a 3-credit load and each participant will get the certificate and academic record. Course is open to STFI Sadra students and public. Fee charges may be applied to participants depending on the status of participants. The maximum number of class is 20 students. 
Fee of course: 
STFI students/staff/faculty
Indonesian Visitors/Student
IDR 150,000/course (credit)
Public Visitors
IDR 300,000/course (credit)
IDR 200,000/course
Foreign Visitors
USD 150/course
USD 100/course
   Fee of course transfer to 375 302 0124 BCA KCP Graha Inti Fauzi
  an. Yayasan Hikmat al-Mustafa
  Confirmation payment to Nurhasanah Munir (082  232 258 847) 

To register, prospective participants must send their requests to by no longer than 6 April 2016.
Contact & inquiries:
 Andi Herawati, MA./Ahmad Jubeli , M.Pdi
Coordinator, Sadra Intensive Course Semester 2016
STFI Sadra ; Jalan Lebak Bulus 2  No.2 Cilandak Fatmawati Jakarta Selatan
Telp/fax. +62 29446460/29325221
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